having fun

having fun

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

working in paper

I have been collecting and making decorative papers for several years.  I even bought a flat file drawer cabinet to try to organize the papers.  Works sort of.  I have taken a couple of great workshop in the last year, centered on papers.  The still life above was the focus of 3 weeks inspiration for a small group I meet with.

Weeks I, II and II
I  bought a childrens book and had Tom saw it to being a square - about 10 x 10. 
Pages are torn out. Then I use gesso to glue and prepare several sets of pages.
These pages represent a 2 page spread (last photo)


Since I am not sewing and not showing not sure what will become of these.  But it is fun.

Monday, October 6, 2014

September Full

Crystal Cove -

 After Labor Day they put the Life Guard Shacks away. We had returned for just on  more breakfast before my brother and sister in law left for their home, far from the beach in Wyoming.
Rock-A-Lay-Lee preform for announcement of Huntington Beach being a host city for the 2015 Special Olympics in Los Angeles, the opening act.
Tom teaching Ukulele

I bought this Serger new 21 yrs. ago.  We made many many things on this trusted big heavy machine.  I donated it to the local high school clothing teacher, she seemed thrilled.  I tried to sell it on Craig's list but there are some real strange people out there (not my usual experience)
 Trip to Santa Fe to visit 2 friends who have recently relocated, 2 separate friends.  With Zoe we had great BBQ at Sugars, scouted out open studios - which is always fun. The photo below is the interior of a wood carver, furniture builder.  This is a sampling of the interior of his pantry.  The whole house reflects this artwork.  He cuts the little notches with a very sharp pocket knife.  Has no tv or internet so he had lots of time, I guess.

Tom and I visiting a metal worker.  The birds and yard art are mainly from his studio, somewhere out there near Santa Fe.

This is the view along the way to another wood workers home/studio. He and his wife live on land that is 450 ft wide and 1.5 miles deep. A reflection of original land grants and sharing the land - everyone got flat, water and forest.  They live way out but spent many years teaching in remote village near the Arctic Circle, he says it pays well.

Large sculpture at Museum Center


 On the way home we changed planes in Phoenix.  Our incoming plane was full of WWII Veterans and their helpers.  I think photos tell it all.  There was a 4 man honor guard.  Lots of clapping and some crying.  It was an honor to just watch them come off the plane. 

Now we are home and it is November. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Almost semi annual blog update

 This is sort of a recap of half a year. No excuse just good intentions.

We play ukulele weekly and get to gather in great places.  For 5 weeks we played at the Huntington Beach Pier, facing the Pacific ocean, waiting for the sun to go down.  This is in conjunction with Island Bazaar a  Ukulele store in HB.

I am in the red visor on the right with Tom to my right.
 And we get to play together at home parties and gatherings.  Usually there is food involved..
 We spent months remodeling our home: shower, heater, water heater - that sort of thing.  This cabinet was painted with chalk paint and I stenciled the glass doors.  Horizontal surfaces are often used to stash stuff and this cabinet allows that stuff to be hidden behind decorative doors.  Chalk Paint makes the impossible to paint, paintable.
 I took a 5 day workshop in Newport Beach with Portland artist Jesse Reno.  As you can see he paints with his hands to start the process.  It was intense, it was out of my comfort zone.  I don't know what I learned but intend to practice.  I would go again, I think.  Look him up  http://jessereno.com/

The class was  all woman with one young man.  Jesse calls everyone Dude.  Beats Mam or hey you or you guys and beats having to learn names.  He has a perspective and something to say, I am not sure what - yet.

One of my feeble attempts at creating, seeing, capturing, isolating, building out.

 Tom's band practice in our back yard.  Next time the neighbors want the words so they can sing along.

Confessing my addiction to Estate Sales.  This rustic pie safe now looks great in my entry hall.  Tom complains when we go pick up my latest cannot live without find.  I know he loves the challenge of making the wooden furniture better.  The previous owners bought this at a barn auction in Georgetown, Colorado - more than 20 yrs ago.  And it was old then.
 We have just completed, yesterday, my first cousins family reunion.  We had 30 for dinner Friday and Saturday but started the event with breakfast at the Beachcomber Restaurant in Crystal Cove State Park.  The weather was fab.  The waves were fab. The sky and  clouds were fab.  We first cousins have been doing this for more than 20 years.  This year we had more and new next generation attendees, including my kids.  All of America was represented.  Many came to the beach Thursday evening for ukulele and dinner at Sandy's - under the pier.

We remodeled the inside but also the
back yard.  The same footprint, less
grass and more drought tolerant plants.
patio out our dining room door
patio out dining room door at night - love the lights
 Tom who worked really hard and is still playing with the sprinklers and plants.  You can over water a drought tolerant plant with love.
 View out my new sliding glass door off my bedroom.  My intention is to someday go out and have coffee in the morning under the wonderful  umbrella in my 2 wonderful estate sale chairs.  I did have them painted.

Lots of points of interest.  Brian's artwork tucked here and there.  Come see.

This  is some of the stuff that happened this year.  I have quit sewing quilts and sewing in general.  I want to spend time painting, sort of Jesse style and write the next great American novel - (not)(maybe)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

SHOW AND TELL reception

Reception Sunday, Feb. 16, celebrating my first solo exhibit.   To have 13 art quilts hanging on the walls in a large space was awesome. 

The Music and Arts committee helped pull off a great reception, starting with a salad bar and home made cookies.  We took this opportunity to celebrate woman and fabric. And I got to talk about my work, what not to like.

 Robby Ravenwood played the piano along with leading a rousing sing-a-long.  Tom and friend Peggy Calvert joined in to make a trio of Ukulele players.  "In the jungle the mighty jungle the Lion sleeps tonight".  Now you too can have this tun running through your head.

I thank the UUCLB, The Music and Arts Committee, Mike Shannon the curator, my "church lady" friends and all my  friends for making this a great day.  You have touched my heart.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

SHOW AND TELL, a collection of art quilts

My first solo show is now hanging in the gallery space at the Unitarian Universalist church of Long Beach, in Long Beach.  13 quilts, big and small.  Amazing to see them all around the room. Wylder Hall has rotating art exhibits and this is my month. 

During the reception my good friend Robby Ravenwood will delight us with the ukulele.  We actually met in beginning ukulele at Island Bazaar (our ukulele store of choice) in Huntington Beach.  Robby is an accomplished musician and was adding the uke to his musical collection.  Anyway, I will walk around the room and talk about my work, Robby will serenade us and there will be refreshments.

I was able to add a 2nd time slot.  Wednesday the 19th from noon till 3.  I am hoping for a talking and sharing and visiting experience.

On display and more

 With Abandon
The Line Between Warm and Cool  /   African Nights
 My 4 Nobel Seasons quilts all together.  These were made over 4 years and traveled independently and then traveled together with other like minded quilts.

They are getting lots of attention.  The images are from old family photo albums.  I worked with the image in Photoshop and then printed the ladies onto fabric using my home Epson printer.  

That's how the light gets in / and  Taking the back roads. These 2 quilts are part of a series of art I did relating to my back.  I am very pleased to be on this side of that experience. 
Tom helping curator Mike hang the quilts.
 Will report further on these events.