having fun

having fun

Thursday, November 14, 2013


It took 6 wks - 2 months to arrange for 3 friends to spend 2 days together at Metal Camp.  We threw our own camp in my studio.  Pam - a multi-media artist, wonderful creatures and innovative garments, she sees her own visions.  Pam was re-purposing before there was the word.  She has a vision and style.  And Vicki - I met Vicki in a Penny Sisto workshop at Asilomar about a hundred years ago.  Vicki once taught quilting and now teaches metals.  Vicki was a sleep over camper and Pam was a local so she commuted but brought pull apart cinnamon buns, day two.  I love all this "verbage", it sounds like camp.

We spent Wednesday and Thursday together.  Vicki brought her metals skills.  Pam and I had taken a tin bird class at "Create" last spring and we had supplies and tools and ideas.  It was a share and what if and what is that tool for.  Pam had a ton of wonderful eyes to glue onto my tin birds.  I had a pile of tin stuff - cookie  tines and tea tins.  Vicki had the tools to make metal discs, stamp out the words on metal, make a mold of and torch stuff.

We are talking of renting a place somewhere and having camp again.  You cannot buy or codger up this type of experience or friends.  photos to follow.  (I think I might get weepy) - long week and wine.

 Vicki and Pam
 the stuff you  bring to camp
 and the tools
 camp in action
 Vicki wanted an anvil.  Pam told her we had room in our car while on vacation.
We found this 17 lb anvil in Idaho and brought it home to Vicki.  It came to visit.

 Pam's angel
A collection of day one.
 tools and supplies
 A grommet - a little metal thing that holds 2 pieces of metal together and the
tool that made it happen.  Bought the tool at Michaels with a coupon - months ago.  My
first grommet.
 my collection of bird stuff and birds
 Vicki's big grommet maker thingie
 a bird, tin - misc. metal parts and a real doll eye.

Needless to say - it was a great retreat.  Thank you Tom for letting it all happen just under your
nose.  You are the Guy.  lv