having fun

having fun

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

saltspring Island and more

At Saturday Market we picked up an invite to Foxglove Farm on Sunday for 
music, food and farm tour.

Prayer flags hanging at the entrance up a long dirt road.

We had wonder organic pizza from wood fired oven

Wonderful finger picking music

And a guided farm tour by Michael Ableman.  We had enjoyed 
his free samples at the market and I thumbed through his books 
that were available at a table under a tent.    But to listen 
to him speak, show you the where and tell you the why.  
I wish I had bought a book or two.    fieldsofplenty.com
I am having problems with posting and cannot the link link, but it 
is worth the extra effort.

So now I am thinking of canning and pickling and becoming a gardner.  
This won't last long but fun to think about.
Color blocking continues

Monday the ferry from SSI to Victoria to catch the ferry to Vancouver. 
 All was well until the car battery died and
We couldn't get off the ferry

The ice chest drained the battery as we ( I ) played 
with the GPS

3 gals to the rescue.  Got car started, directed us to a repair place in Sidney.
 I wonder what they do when a jump Is not the trick.   We had car looked at, 
then walk around till time for next ferry.

Vancouver and Granville Market - ie: Maiwa Handprints
 ( fabric scraps bought that I really don't need but wanted
And finished the day with ukulele playing with the 
Heritage Grill Ukulele Club.

Native people art work under construction

From Vancouver we drove north.   

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Portland to Saltspring Island, BC, Can

First stop was Port Townsend and a brief visit with Karen and Rod Page. Karen was my first mentor, she introduced me to fiber and possibilities. She made dirt interesting. Each year on her birthday she creates a figure/doll and a small book telling about the 


Sign in Port Townsend-

To Port Angeles where we staged for car ferry to Victoria, BC


Day and night view from our room

 in the Robert Bateman Gallery. We love his wildlife art.

 The whale watching trip we didn't take -

Saltspring Island is  off Vancouver Island and Vancouver main l

Touring artist studios - 30 studios open weekly during spring and summer.  These studios have a thirty year  history

An amazing gallery and story

Felt artist studio with deck overlooking water

Furniture maker

Playing with new found options on my camera (in the live setting)

The island is as self sustaining as possible, bartering is usual. A very high rate of volunteering, all working towards an amazing place to live. Tons of art and produce.  NO big box stores

A small coffee/gift shop, just down the road and off the road
Small cafe and gift shop, way off the beaten path.

Saturday Market, every Saturday spring and summer

Day Care Available at weekly Saturday Market - a combination of artists and their work and things to eat.
A weekend destination for off island locals as well as tourists.

Glen, selling his son's giant garlic. (He insisted on the photo)


Color blocking, it is everywhere

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Portland Days: working on day 12

I failed to mention in last post and cannot figure out how to edit it. We visited with Tom's cousins Julie and Roy in Medford. Julie is my go-to person for baby afghans. I no longer wonder what to give. Let me know if you need a gift. Medford is half way, for us, between Bay Area and Brian.

Continuing the hunt for the best fish tacos.

Wooden sign on wall of Robo Taco. The verdict was - throwing knives.

Now to address our visit to the produce farm. Washing


New tools

Eating...Marionberry Scones - a finished product we got to enjoy. The jam and marmalade and pickles will take the long road home with us for sharing and tasting. I hope some friends will can and pickle along with me this fall. Hoping to fashion this after the Portland Preservation Society, which Brian belongs to.
Cup with a bird through it is a sampling of Brian's ceramic work..
And then......

Sunday Brunch at DinDin. Pompoms hanging from ceiling. From their Matinee menu I had "milk-braised pork with Lillet sauce, poached egg, spigariello & crisp potatoes. $13. There are many wonderful little places to eat in Portland, creative souls who love to cook with a passion and flare.

Pom Poms

We walked by the "taking down" of a sand castle event in Pioneer Square.

Manual labor provided by the city or state.

Back home

Just outside of Brian's home and it was gone a few minutes later. It will make a great thermofax screen for screen printing. Will just need to delete that spider.

Furniture shopping

I have an Interview in the current online In Stitches magazine by Jane Devilla.
I talk about gathering images and using them in my quilts.

Also these last few days:::: Liam joined us for brunch, Michael and son Jack dropped by on way to a motor something. A trip to Mills End, I bought fabric - will mail home. Home Depot for paint to paint small porch off the new studio, shoe store - I bought 2 and we still have dinner ahead.
I am attempting to keep track of this adventure for me and I hope someone is watching. J

Location:Portland, Or