having fun

having fun

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

working in paper

I have been collecting and making decorative papers for several years.  I even bought a flat file drawer cabinet to try to organize the papers.  Works sort of.  I have taken a couple of great workshop in the last year, centered on papers.  The still life above was the focus of 3 weeks inspiration for a small group I meet with.

Weeks I, II and II
I  bought a childrens book and had Tom saw it to being a square - about 10 x 10. 
Pages are torn out. Then I use gesso to glue and prepare several sets of pages.
These pages represent a 2 page spread (last photo)


Since I am not sewing and not showing not sure what will become of these.  But it is fun.

Monday, October 6, 2014

September Full

Crystal Cove -

 After Labor Day they put the Life Guard Shacks away. We had returned for just on  more breakfast before my brother and sister in law left for their home, far from the beach in Wyoming.
Rock-A-Lay-Lee preform for announcement of Huntington Beach being a host city for the 2015 Special Olympics in Los Angeles, the opening act.
Tom teaching Ukulele

I bought this Serger new 21 yrs. ago.  We made many many things on this trusted big heavy machine.  I donated it to the local high school clothing teacher, she seemed thrilled.  I tried to sell it on Craig's list but there are some real strange people out there (not my usual experience)
 Trip to Santa Fe to visit 2 friends who have recently relocated, 2 separate friends.  With Zoe we had great BBQ at Sugars, scouted out open studios - which is always fun. The photo below is the interior of a wood carver, furniture builder.  This is a sampling of the interior of his pantry.  The whole house reflects this artwork.  He cuts the little notches with a very sharp pocket knife.  Has no tv or internet so he had lots of time, I guess.

Tom and I visiting a metal worker.  The birds and yard art are mainly from his studio, somewhere out there near Santa Fe.

This is the view along the way to another wood workers home/studio. He and his wife live on land that is 450 ft wide and 1.5 miles deep. A reflection of original land grants and sharing the land - everyone got flat, water and forest.  They live way out but spent many years teaching in remote village near the Arctic Circle, he says it pays well.

Large sculpture at Museum Center


 On the way home we changed planes in Phoenix.  Our incoming plane was full of WWII Veterans and their helpers.  I think photos tell it all.  There was a 4 man honor guard.  Lots of clapping and some crying.  It was an honor to just watch them come off the plane. 

Now we are home and it is November.