having fun

having fun

Monday, March 15, 2010


This is the star and wreath for actor Peter Graves - downtown Hollywood.

The Kodak Center - these elephants must be 50 feet high. A site to see. Had a great day with dear friends.

This is a scene from the Kodak center looking down onto Hollywood Blvd. Break dancers, Darth Vador and tourists.

View of downtown LA in the distance, taken from one the Kodak Theater. What a view on a marvelous day.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Today Patty and I met at the Getty Museum for lunch. We live in opposite ends of Los Angeles area, each about an hour from the Getty - on a good freeway day. It was our birthday get together and this was/is a big birthday. We walked the gardens, sat and caught up, barely looked at art and had a fabulous lunch. Ther is no admission pricd to get into the Getty but the parking is now $15. So we had $30. invested before we started and it was worth it. The Architecture is whatr I love and the views.
Take the walking tours when you visit - it is amazing - the history and the detail.
From our table at lunch I watched the sky change behind these manicured trees. When screen printed, can't you see these trees marching across the band of your pillow case - in red or purple .
Lots more going on. Will post quilt photos and picture of a quilt I have in an upcoming book.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


My art quilt, "While on the way to the sun" is now in the art collection of Hillcrest Congtrational Church in La Habra Heights/Whittier, CA. For three days the quilt held court in the Fireside room, during the 50th annual Hillcrest Art Festival.

I went to pick up my unsold items on Monday. One of the ministers commented that she didn't want to see it go. An arrangement was struck - everyone is very happy. This church has been having art fairs and collecting art for 50 years - I an honored.