having fun

having fun

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bergermont Station and more

Today Tom and I took a field trip to Bergermont Station and more.  It is a century old landmark, a train station.  It is now a collection of commercial art galleries, Santa Monica Museum of Art and a great paper store.  We saw art, some more pleasing than others and had lunch. 

These traffic cones are wonderful - ideas abound. 

While driving we passed a few that needed much love.

At Tom's suggestion we left Bergermont and headed to 2 of my favorite thrift store - both on Santa Monica Blvd. 

Not full size but big

For Sale -

These Giraffe were  for sale at the thrift store .  They were metal, I knocked and forgot to ask the price.  I did buy a metal lamp shade.  Bought the floor lamp that went with it - it was $ 10. with or without the shade. (I forgot to take a photo  - later )

Then a creative way home.

side of building on Pico Blvd.
We passed fun art on Pico Blvd.
what do you suppose they make here ?

 We did stop at Erin's home in Belmont Shore (part of Long Beach), walked her dogs, dropped of a birthday present and headed home.  It made a nice day.  Tom is retired and we often forget we can go and do - in the middle of the week. 

We saw ART, had lunch out to celebrate a birthday and go home safely -