having fun

having fun

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Food and Art in L.A.

Just before the new year, my friend Pam and I made a trip into LA near the train station and Alvera Street. First we had lunch at Phillipe the Original/Home of the French Dipped Sandwich
www.philippes.com/ Pam had to have the pickled egg in addition to the sandwich, I love the cole slaw.

Then we hunted down the Charlie James Gallery www.cjamesgallery.com/ to see a solo show by one of our collective favorite artists - Elizabeth Higgins O'Connor. www.elisabethhigginsoconnor.com Years ago my son Brian was a ceramics student at Long Beach State. He called one day and said I had to some see the current senior show. I went and then I called Pam and said, you have to go see the current senior show - that is how we fell in love with Elizabeth. We collected student work and have tried to followed her progress.

Currant show is entitled - Dreadful Sorry Clementine - not sure why, check out gallery website and pdf of show catalog for more info. And I love the name of the show.

I felt my cane and his crutches blended well

Meet Pam. These wonderful creatures are larger than life.

Materials - to my mind they are - 2 x 4 wood, screws from a power drill, found fabric objects (bathroom mats), upholstery fabrics. corrugated cardboard, paint. But it is the way she puts it all together.

Pam and I were in love.

there is no eyeball, but rather the build up of the bone structure eluding to an eye. You could poke your finger into the eye (not that we did) but the eye ball was an illusion. Loved it!

I am including bad photos of Brian's recent work for Crafty Wonderland in Portland - these are extra vases he left here after Christmas. They are about 8 to 10 " tall. I love then.