having fun

having fun

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

workshop at the Hammer Museum

Yesterday - Tuesday April 23, the "girls who meet on Tuesday" had a field trip - we took a workshop at the Hammer Museum.  the Hammer is on Wilshire Blvd.  right next to UCLA.  Lots of energy.  We participated in an "embroidery drawing workshop exploring the idea of an 'ideal home.'"  Artist Anila Rubiku, is the artist in residence and we helped with her project.  Participants were multi-generational and multi cultural.  At times I felt we were at the UN,  I knew we had left suburbia and came out from behind the "orange curtain".  Between the workshop and a great lunch at the Hammer cafe and the drive home, we were gone all day.
 Karen and Susan working  = Susan chose to draw, punch and then start to stitch.  She discovered the more holes she punched the more stitches.  
 The house/embroidery I selected.  The thread was green but it doesn't show here.

 The back side of my stitching and the front side.  My house has a 50's with a baseball glove chair.
 the inside of a finished house
 the outside of a finished house
 The illuminated house - this one was larger than the ones we attempted. 

If I got the vision correctly - the houses will be placed on an illuminated plexi field, LED lights placed appropriately.  The village will glow.  I may have the concept wrong but the time spent with my friends - old and new - was great.  Artist Anila Rubiku = please visit her website at

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Studio 74, Fresno

I recently joined California Fiber Artists - a group of about 35 fiber artist in California who exhibit, that is the focus.  The first show of the year just opened.  I was not there for the opening reception but Tom and I will be dropping by this week  This gallery is in the arts district.  We are lucky that most cities have one. 

This is my piece in the show - it is 12" by 60".  The base is cotton with layers of silk organza and commercial japanese handmade papers.  I screen printed the line images of flowers and folage on the base fabric and on organza.  I ran the paper through my Epson color printer.  It is machine stitched and embellished.  It is like looking out a window, what you might see.

At the opening the artist attending gathered and spoke.  Notice my piece in right behind them - yeah.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The seasons gathered together

Probably 5 yrs. ago now, I was invited to participate in an ongoing art quilt exhibition - The Noble Seasons.  One a year,  I did all four.  Each quilt is approximately 34" long but width varies. They are, Spring Break, A Summer Parade, Gram-ma with an ax in Minnesota in the fall , On a winter's day.  they are currently hanging in my studio - just to see and inspire.

Minnie - a friend's mothers best friend                                                     Violet is 15 in this 1931 pic
The skirt is the best.

this photo found in estate sale photo album