having fun

having fun

Monday, August 15, 2011

The month of August, so far

It is with great honor, I have participated in the Quilts of Valor program. http://www.qovf.org/index.html. I made a quilt top, provided the backing and binding and was paired with a Long Arm Quilter. Colleen quilted and finished our quilt.

I love the picture of our quilt on her long arm machine, it shows process and I love knowing the how and the why of how stuff is made.
This long arm machine is in her living room, as many of these magic machines are. More about Colleens quilting can be found at: www.colleenscreations.com

Colleen was honored to be able to present this quilt to a wounded member of the Armed Services. May it help in their recovery. I have the fabric for my next quilt.

Moving on with the month

THE SPACE BETWEEN, a special exhibit at the Long Beach International Quilt show. My quilt, Life Happens In the Space Between is shown with me standing in front. International Quilt Association presents a great show and I was priviliged to have a piece in this special exhibit. More about the quilt can be seen on my website - http://joanell.com/

And lastly, so far. Tom and I flew to Wyoming to attend the 8th sort of semi-annual Burgert Cousins Family Reunion - it was great. I am submitting just a few of my favorite photos.
The road, the fences, the land and the sky - what is not to like.

The view from my favorite spot on my brothers back patio - storm coming.

Before the storm, my cousin Marilyn and I ran the par course, just imagine our sense of fulfillment after these chin ups.

And I always ask to see a friends favorite photo from a trip, this might be mine (or the chin ups)/ I think it is the worlds biggest dandelion. My sister wouldn't let me keep it and put it into her car and take it home - she had enough of them already. But I love the detail and will try to make a screen or something or not.

And the month is not over - yet.