having fun

having fun

Monday, November 2, 2009


Today is the following Monday, we are in November.

Woman's Conference ended Tuesday evening. I watched the Minerva Awards on the sofa with a glass of wine. I wish I had been "in the room" while Jane Goodall spoke. I am not easily impressed but people making a difference impress me.

That was Tuesday. Helped hang a Quilts on the Wall gallery show on Wednesday, in Whittier. Email me, I will give you the details. Thursday I laid down - I had it penciled in on my calender. Friday evening - about 9 p.m., Tom and I headed out for Joshua Tree, the town not the park.

We spent Saturday and Sunday touring about 25 artists homes/studios near Joshua Tree, Ca. We have been attending these open studios for about 8 years. We pile into cars, drive from studio to studio. Great fun. Some great art. Some not so great art. Some fabulous homes/studios. Some not so hot homes/studios. Like dropping into other peoples reality and hopefully with little judgment involved or apparent. We just have fun and we buy art. Some of us buy more than others.

This year we had 8 in our party - 2 cars of 4. When we arrived, they thought the tour bus had arrived.

We stayed at the home of a friend. Her mission is to commune with nature and God's creatures and to photograph them. She encourages and feeds the wild life, whether she is there or not. Automatic feeders. The coyotes and bobcats seem to know when she is in residence. These pictures were taken in the morning, before 9, out an open sliding glass door and she/he is about 10 feet away. Tom actually took these, he has way more patience than I do.

Now for the open studio, my favorite photo is: I love chairs and at some point could do one of those little 5x5 books on chairs and where they reside.

These photos were taken at the studio of Bobby Furst - a metal artists. Amazing


Cindy Cooksey said...

Great photos! I enjoyed reading about your artful trip to Joshua Tree.

Stacy Hurt said...

Awesome shots Tom! Thanks for being patient so you could share them with us! Beautiful Cat!

Rose Hughes said...

It's been fun to tag-a-long this year on your artist tour our in Joshua Tree. Thanks for sharing.

Jamie Fingal said...

Love the sign about wrong way war.

joanell said...

wrong way war has lots of potential.