having fun

having fun

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Time is just moving too fast and Christmas is looming. Have not started the cards but they are made. My cousin Ann posted a picture on Facebook, a gathering of the cards I have sent over the years. I am more than touched. She will be getting another tree this year.

I have been expanding my Puppet collection. At Jamie's suggestion I have used red and blue along with the peace symbol. These puppets are available - just ask.

I consider them finger puppets as you can manipulate them with a finger but they are about 10" in height. 5 are currently available. I intend to do Etsy - it is in my technology package for January. I love the making part.

And I am working on a quilt that is due by the end of the month, sooner would be better. It is for a 4 seasons invitational. Spring is done and Summer is the one on the drawing board. The gal is Violet, age 15 in 1930. She is the mother of my friend Linda. I loved the image and the quilt will be called - a summer parade. (when completed). All decisions on this quilt are subject to change


Vicki said...

Love, love love this image and what you've done with it. You are amazing!!!

Cindy Cooksey said...

Your quilt's looking great so far! Love the peace puppets, too.

Jane LaFazio said...

Puppets!? waay cool!
Hi Joanell! hope to see you at Long Beach Quilt Fest this year!