having fun

having fun

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Photoshop class at Create Retreat

The class was about working with Photoshop and using the images in your art - collage, paper or fabric. Various programs and skill levels made the class interesting. Working with other students and trying to note their sequence of moves or tricks - made it fun.

And this morning I had breakfast, with iPad in hand, with Rose. She walked me through Blogpress app., giving me the ability of posting on this blog from my much loved and under utilized iPad.

Two days later I made it actually work. This is fun.

Line image of freshly cast ceramic ducks

Same ducks with vegetation overlay

Line drawing of graffiti

Ceramic angel over old post office mail boxes

Having fun with stamps

Glowing Joshua tree - the picture belonged to someone else but she borrowed my flash drive in the class -so! Two images overlapping, one original, the other with ps glowing edges -I think it has possibilities.

Location:All day last Friday


Linda Miller Designs said...

Isn't it great when technology can assist rather than overwhelm?! I particularly like the duck with vegetation overlay.

Cindy Cooksey said...

Lots of exciting photos - looks like you had a good time.