having fun

having fun

Monday, October 31, 2011

October Art Fun

I recently made cards for the only art fair I am doing this fall. Artistic License was this last weekend and it was great. Plus you could not have asked for better weather - sandals and short sleeves. And it was a great show.

I intend to use these cards as this years Christmas cards, assuming I accomplish that task - good intentions.

This is a sample, each card is unique. They are like little quilts mounted in the blank greeting cards that have a window or frame.

The process
I started with a photo, manipulated it in Photoshop. then uploaded the image to http://www.spoonflower.com, an online fabric printing site and ordered a quarter yard.

This is the basic image I sent off to be printed.

I took this fabric, using a silk screen, I screenprinted silver paint onto the image, in a ramdom pattern, and then

Then I did the same random printing with a stencil, sponge and red textile paint.

The end result

I quilted the fabric to batting, cut them into rectangles and made cards

Here is another example

The same process on a second pattern I had printed by Spoonflower

My intentions here are to share the process, any questions - please ask.


Cindy Cooksey said...

They looked very cool at Artistic License. I had no idea the process was so involved! Wonderful.

Mia Bloom Designs said...

Love the designs! Thank you for sharing your process. I had one question - how did you mount the mini quilt onto the card stock? Thanks.

joanell said...

Mia, I sewed the mini quilt to a piece of card stock, larger than the opening, then glue sticked that paper to the card. I love making cards and actually sending them. See you soon.

Carolyn K. said...

Sister, I love the cards!!! Can't wait for mine!!!!! Love you, C.

Linda A. Miller said...

Wonderful, Joanell! Love the designs!