having fun

having fun

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

august became september

August seemed so long and yet went so fast.

The American Sewing Guild held their National Convention downtown L A at the Bonaventure Hotel. As a member and a Bernina Designer, I was invited to show one of my garments. Tick Tac Toe is the second from the right, gold and orange. It was fun to see the garment on a mannequin and out of the closet. The blue garment, on the right belongs to Judith Bear and it is wonderful. She won viewers choice at the Bernina Fashion Show in Houston.

Judith and I went to the convention together, visited the vendors and stayed for member fashion show. Dinner is an important part of these events. We each had a Caesar Salad - not the usual presentation but pretty great, sardine and all.

A Friday - it started with an estate sale in Leisure World in Seal Beach. This is a gated senior community and the sales vary but somehow still seem pretty much the same. We do not often "score" at these sales but we have fun.

My companions are Madelyn and Jeanne - friends and my former neighbors going back to 1987. These are gals who know where the bodies are buried, if you know what I mean. We went from Leisure World to a couple of Garage Sales, to my world famous Mexican restaurant in Santa Ana for Fish Tacos.

Then the Goodwill Market Place, with the pickers and the auctions. Bins , 6x6x6, of hardback books were going at auction for $30. No one would tell me what they were planning on doing with these books that had been donated to Goodwill and never made it to the store or didn't sell in the stores.

There are stories to tell with displayed merchandise - I think this one is especially provocative.
Do you sun first and then shower or vice versa.

Then we went to a real honest to goodness Goodwill store and scored.

I left the house at 7:15 for Pilates and returned home about 4. What a great day. Thanks Madd and Jeanne Marie

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Peggy L Calvert said...

So what did you "score" at the GW store???? Tell us/show us photos!