having fun

having fun

Friday, September 23, 2011

Mid September

Tom and I were in Portland, Ore - for a long weekend. This is a photo of some of my favorite men. Brian, who was celebrating a birthday and his dad, my first husband. Brian treated us to several great restaurants, even one that had and needed no sign out front. We attended several of the TBA = time based arts performances. Getting your mind around performance art is an art. I explains it thus - i stand on the corner jumping up and down for an hour - that is performance art. This is not to make trivial of the real art and we saw several memorable performances.

Said son got a sewing machine for his birthday. He found a fur jacket at Red/white/black thrift store and wanted to know if the machine would handle the fur. Sometimes you got to wonder.

Tom has gone back to wood turning school and this semester is working on bracelets. I think he has gone over the hill - 48 or so of these little things makes a bracelet. Now how much would that cost in the free market?
Went to lunch with a friend in Anaheim. There on her table were a couple of ceramic pieces of Brian"s, what fun.
She uses the old dresser scarves on her table and tops the scarves with art.

Last Saturday we went to the wedding of a child we have known since she was 2. Her parents are dear dear friends and our companions are dear dear friends.

Nice to get dressed up and celebrate. We all need to celebrate MORE, what are we waiting for.


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Cindy Cooksey said...

Hear, hear! We all need to celebrate more.