having fun

having fun

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Between a quilt show and an art show.

I spent 5 days at the Santa Clara convention centerat Pacific International Quilt Festival (PIQF). It is great to see "friends" you only know from doing a certain event year after year. Like old friends but we only know "this much" about each other. Not a lot of expectation but quick catch ups and hugs good bye.

From those vendors I spoke with, sales were good. Better than anticipated. Maybe not better than previous years but better than a "poke in the eye", as a good friend would say. Got home Sunday evening and am preparing for Artistic License Fair - in Costa Mesa Friday and Saturday. It is a bit of shifting mind sets. I got my booth tables and props out today, laid it out in the drive way and I think I am under control. Or as much control as a person really has.

This is one of my favorite images from 09. It is entitled - bird in a tree with leaves looking for peace. It is part of a collection of collages I sent to New Zealand for a collage exchange. I will have several of it's brothers and sisters with me this week end at Artistic License.


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Cindy Cooksey said...

I wish I'd had more time to spend at PIQF. I felt as if we rushed through your booth, wish we'd had time to return.... Your booth at Artistic License looked terrific, too!