having fun

having fun

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Blue and Green everywhere

While on a pumpkin/gourd expedition last week, we found this wonderful barn north of Reno, Nv. The orange, my second favorite color at the moment, did wonderful things to the blue and green.
I leave for Santa Clara and the Pacific International Quilt Festival in the morning. You will find me working at the Mulberry Leaf booth, probably at the top of the 600 isle. Say hi.


Cindy Cooksey said...

Great photos. See you at PIQF on Thursday!

Rose Hughes said...

wonderful photos... hope your trip to PIQF was great. wish I could have been there.

Peggy Calvert said...

I love this photo! The world serves us stripes in interesting ways...stripes to play with, dance with, quilt with!

joanell said...

I loved the contrast of the colors. But you are correct, stripes leaned themselves to quilting. Since I love squares best, right angled stripes work for me. nice to hear from you. j