having fun

having fun

Monday, October 26, 2009

Woman's Conference, day of transformation

Tom dropped me at the convention center on his way to work. Way too early. Got home about 8:30 pn. What a day.

I either heard, saw, or lurked at: Maria Shriver, Maria Beck, Dr. Oz, Kathy Griffith, Caroline Kennedy and Madeleine Alright.

At the end of my volunteer day, Peggy Bunnel joined me and we attended the Night in the Village. Lots of give a ways, non profits, book signings. Martha Beck interviewing Paula Dean. Dancing with the stars teaching salsa.

The premise for the conference is - I am the architect of change. It begins with our own lives. There were groups of woman attending together and there were groups of gals volunteering together. Either way - it was impressive. I met volunteers from California, Maryland, Colorado.

Apparently this conference has been the Governors Conference for Woman, for years. It has been hosted by the Governor's wife. Maria Shriver, apparently has taken it and run with it. This year it is listed as Woman's Conference.

Now to see if I make it on time tomorrow. News at 11.

Everything has a pin!!


Jamie Fingal said...

What a tremendous experience you are having...first hand. That is so great. I love the theme! Good for you in stepping outside yourself to be a volunteer. Have fun and I can't wait to hear more about it!

joanell said...

it was a great couple of days