having fun

having fun

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer 2013

This is how we started, pulling out of driveway for the Summer of 2013 adventure.

First stop with friends near Oakland. Then we were off to SF to the deYoung Museum. The Berkeley years, an exhibit of Richard Diebenkorn.  I love his figurative work.  I love how the gestures of the arms and lilt of the body tell a story.  I bought, rather Tom bought the book.  So much for No More Books.

Then across the city for fish tacos.  (We are on the hunt for the best fish tacos. For the moment Colima's in Santa Ana holds the trophy).
  Dinner in Alameda darn near under a bridge with Karen, Eric and Pam

Then a day with cousin Karen, one of the people who has known me the longest

 A ukulele lesson on Monday eve.  All about finger picking the melody line.  I was lost, Tom enjoyed.
These were felted yarn pieces - yarn bombing with a twist .
Mendicino Art Center in Mendicino.  Lots of family history and good camping times tied to this area.

Driving through one of the redwood trees you can drive through.  We drove up the pacific coast and through the impressive redwoods.  It had been years.

We stopped at Ananse Village in Fort Bragg especially to visit with Rebecca.  I have loved her imported fair trade African batik fabrics for years.  I hung around her booth at quilt shows and we became friends.    I will dip a separate post on her and her foundations and the people whose lives are better.loved seeing her and the enormous store.  She had no black and white batiks, a quilter bought them all.  A 6000 LB container was due Friday.

Art Museum in Eureka, a former Carnegie Free Llibrary.  It had been headed towards distraction but was saved and it is marvelous.

Folk art by Romano Gabriel in Eureka.  He wanted a garden where one would not grow.  Spent much of his life filling his yard and home with flowers and people to enjoy, amazing.

California coast on way to Oregon.
Dinner with Brian at another new favorite spot.
Portland has amazing food.  The meat and potatoe folks might be a little too faint of heart, or however that saying goes.  

DAY 9 of this adventure.  Off to sort of near by Sauvie Island for berry and veggie picking.
This picture of Brian and Tom is my favorite.

Today we made Orange Ginger Marmelade.  We brought oranges from our tree at home. And we made blueberry/marionberry jam.  Pickles are in process, bread and butter and an old family recipe from tom's family for India pickles.  Will need to report back on these.

Along the way I have spent time with a quilter friend, Tom bought more Oregon Black Walnut wood, a dear young man and his son dropped by, had a pilates class.

In My Quilt World.  I have an interview article in In Stitches, an E, online magazine.  And I hear a quilt of mine is featured in Quilting Arts for an ad for In Stitches.  All is good.

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