having fun

having fun

Monday, July 22, 2013

Portland Days: working on day 12

I failed to mention in last post and cannot figure out how to edit it. We visited with Tom's cousins Julie and Roy in Medford. Julie is my go-to person for baby afghans. I no longer wonder what to give. Let me know if you need a gift. Medford is half way, for us, between Bay Area and Brian.

Continuing the hunt for the best fish tacos.

Wooden sign on wall of Robo Taco. The verdict was - throwing knives.

Now to address our visit to the produce farm. Washing


New tools

Eating...Marionberry Scones - a finished product we got to enjoy. The jam and marmalade and pickles will take the long road home with us for sharing and tasting. I hope some friends will can and pickle along with me this fall. Hoping to fashion this after the Portland Preservation Society, which Brian belongs to.
Cup with a bird through it is a sampling of Brian's ceramic work..
And then......

Sunday Brunch at DinDin. Pompoms hanging from ceiling. From their Matinee menu I had "milk-braised pork with Lillet sauce, poached egg, spigariello & crisp potatoes. $13. There are many wonderful little places to eat in Portland, creative souls who love to cook with a passion and flare.

Pom Poms

We walked by the "taking down" of a sand castle event in Pioneer Square.

Manual labor provided by the city or state.

Back home

Just outside of Brian's home and it was gone a few minutes later. It will make a great thermofax screen for screen printing. Will just need to delete that spider.

Furniture shopping

I have an Interview in the current online In Stitches magazine by Jane Devilla.
I talk about gathering images and using them in my quilts.

Also these last few days:::: Liam joined us for brunch, Michael and son Jack dropped by on way to a motor something. A trip to Mills End, I bought fabric - will mail home. Home Depot for paint to paint small porch off the new studio, shoe store - I bought 2 and we still have dinner ahead.
I am attempting to keep track of this adventure for me and I hope someone is watching. J

Location:Portland, Or


Jamie Fingal said...

I am thrilled that you are blogging on your trip! Love seeing the pictures and what you have to say! Congratulations on being in "In Stitches" - way cool. Have fun!

Mia Bloom Designs said...

Love reading about your trip. I lived in Oregon for 5 years. Your Portland posts remind me of my stay there especially Mills End fabric store. I can taste the marionberries!
Congratulations on being in Stitches!

Peggy L Calvert said...

We are watching! How do I get to see your on-line article? I will see if I can figure it out!