having fun

having fun

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Portland to Saltspring Island, BC, Can

First stop was Port Townsend and a brief visit with Karen and Rod Page. Karen was my first mentor, she introduced me to fiber and possibilities. She made dirt interesting. Each year on her birthday she creates a figure/doll and a small book telling about the 


Sign in Port Townsend-

To Port Angeles where we staged for car ferry to Victoria, BC


Day and night view from our room

 in the Robert Bateman Gallery. We love his wildlife art.

 The whale watching trip we didn't take -

Saltspring Island is  off Vancouver Island and Vancouver main l

Touring artist studios - 30 studios open weekly during spring and summer.  These studios have a thirty year  history

An amazing gallery and story

Felt artist studio with deck overlooking water

Furniture maker

Playing with new found options on my camera (in the live setting)

The island is as self sustaining as possible, bartering is usual. A very high rate of volunteering, all working towards an amazing place to live. Tons of art and produce.  NO big box stores

A small coffee/gift shop, just down the road and off the road
Small cafe and gift shop, way off the beaten path.

Saturday Market, every Saturday spring and summer

Day Care Available at weekly Saturday Market - a combination of artists and their work and things to eat.
A weekend destination for off island locals as well as tourists.

Glen, selling his son's giant garlic. (He insisted on the photo)


Color blocking, it is everywhere

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Stacy Hurt said...

LOVE that guys saffron pants! Gorgeous photos. Esp. The one of you and hubby on the boat!

Cindy Cooksey said...

What a plethora of photos and activities! You've been busy up there. Great photos.