having fun

having fun

Monday, August 12, 2013


Looking back at the tram ride up, Banff down below.

View from the tram landing.  It was 400 + stairs , up and down.
From pt A to pt B, and back again.
View from the top, impressive in real life.

From Banff to Calgary and back to states.
Cannot pass by an art fair/farmers market.  We bought amazing 
cherries. We had just spent all our Canadian money and of course
 got Canadian change.  
Spent Canadian money on bean/veggie burger.
Spent 4 days with Alice and Dan, dance friends in 
Whitefish, Montana.  A really lovely place, lots of lakes and fishing.
Looks like a great place to live, except for the snow.
Glacier National Park.

Fun stuff
Whitefish, yard totally decorated with prayer flags. House
Under construction.
Poster In train museum in Glacier.

As part of the abandon art project, we left a 5x7 canvas
Art work sitting on outside bench for artist Mia Bloom.
I witnessed a woman picking it up.
Previous art abandonments happened in Revalstoke at the band 
stand on Main Street. The first one was left in front of Stitches, a 
marvelous quilt store on Saltspring Island..

Most amusing wildlife so far
Glacier, baby in back ground.

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