having fun

having fun

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Yellowstone and Star Valley Ranch, Wyoming.


Arriving Star Valley Ranch, in the Star Valley, Wyoming


Back yard, view 1

Back yard, view 2

Found on evening walk -  it would great at home

Tram in Teton Village,  Teton National Park.  We had gone to attend the 
symphony practice.  Amazing music

Playing with camera and newly discovered settings

More camera and old stuff down a country  road

While in Star Valley Ranch, at my brother and sister-laws home,
 we have danced, practiced the ukulele, played 31 (cards)
sang karaoke, attended art fair in town of Swan Valley,
Attended symphony in Teton Village, took dance lessons (cowboy
Two step), met my sister in laws other sister in law, bought an
Anvil for Vicki in Palos Verdes, got my hair cut, picked 
Rasberries, made homemade raspberry scones, played lots of 
Golf, ran smack dab into old friend in art gallery in Jackson - 
her name just popped up after 7 yrs, bought wine at state controlled 
stores or bars, bought Powerball tickets in Idaho ( didn't win), 
Listening to on line course through Coursea, a bride history of
Human Kind -2 wks of 17,  interesting.


Mia Bloom Designs said...

Great photos especially the black/white/grey shot of the daisys.

Jamie Fingal said...

Love your photos. I could see some quilts being born out of these. The daisies are my fav. Great trip!