having fun

having fun

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Home again

Full moon or darn near, taken in Afton, Wy.

Monument over Highway 89.  Have seen tour buses stop and everyone get 
out for this photo op.

CallAir Museum - fascinating history of airplane company
That is still building planes in Afton, Wy
Probably one of the worlds true wonders in antique/junk
Stores.  Photos cannot do it justice.  She had been burgled
Recently but hard to see what they took, no empty spaces

Starvalley singers preformed, happened to be our last night in Wyoming.  My brother Ed is
In the middle.  He sang "impossible dream".  Karoke has taught him to love to sing.

On way to St. George, Utah.  Spent time with cousin Gail as she waited for husband 
having by-pass surgery.  Dixie Regional Hospital had tons of quilts, under plexi, 
On the walls.  Dan is doing great as of last report.

City Center and Aria Hotel.
Window display - all to show off one handbag.

Larger than life metal rose outside the window.
Window display.

We were at City Center to visit "Akhob", the James Turrell light
Installation  at Louis Vuitton .  Reservations required, it is 
Free,  and includes a tour of the Store and history of Louis
Vuitton.   702-730-3150, google for more info.
Like the dancing water at the Bellagio, this was fun and free.

Hanging butterfly's in the immense lobby of Aria.
Tom with best Las Vegas friends Sandy and Steve.  They were the last stop 
On this wonder adventure.
As we started, no less stuff.  Next time, less stuff.

6 weeks, 3 plus days.  4850 miles.  Next time we buy a car we will pay more
Attention to seat comfort but this Honda CRV is a trouper.


Mia Bloom Designs said...

I'm glad you and Tom had a wonderful time on your trip. Thanks for sharing on your blog and leaving my art along the way.

Cindy Cooksey said...

Welcome home from your adventure! Your quirky sense of humor comes through in your photo choices.